What I Don’t Do at Christmas

I love seeing all the Christmas decorations that people have in their homes (yes already seeing fully decorated homes).

It seems that I would love to have a home fully decorated but there’s part of me that loves the simplicity of a lone Christmas tree and stockings. It could be that I’m too busy/lazy to put up all the decorations; too frugal to spend money on decorations that are only used once a year; or feel too suffocated with all the decorations in my home.

My home will never be featured in “Better Homes and Gardens” or even be told it could be in it.

What you will find in my home at Christmas time is a tree full of ornaments – handmade or sentimental collected throughout the years; mismatched stockings hung from a stocking holder train – purchased before a family was ever created, and clutter from everyday life.

I’ve released my desire to have a magazine picture home; it reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.

Jesus didn’t come as a baby to the perfect and for those who had it all together. He came for those with baggage, clutter, and a messy life.

He is why I’m here today. He is the reason I can manage this messy life.

So, for this Christmas and all those to come, I celebrate my limited decor as I remember the Reason for the Season.


How Does God Talk to Us

Have you ever wondered how God speaks to people? Me too.

It was a long time before I began figuring out whether it was God speaking, coincidence, or just my thoughts.

First of all, I don’t believe anything happens by chance so coincidences were out of the question. My thoughts tend to be so scattered that I wondered sometimes what I think.

I know my God is a God of order, not chaos. He aligns everything with scripture. So, when I question if I am hearing God correctly, I go to scripture.

Lately, scripture has been coming to me. It’s crazy. Everywhere I turn, there is this same scripture that pops up. It’s ‘Jesus goes away to be alone and pray’. For 2 weeks, various scripture verses and posts continue to speak to me with these words. Coincidence? No. My thoughts? No.

God is speaking to me through these words.

I have been so busy with working full-time after 11+ years of staying home, teaching which causes me to spend time planning, being in different church groups to help middle school girls and being a part of a small group, getting my children to their activities, managing my direct sales business, and continuing my home obligations. My quiet time is becoming less and less.

I hear God asking me to go to Him. Spend time with Him. I hear Him. He is speaking to me.

Has there been something that keeps popping up around you? Does it align with scripture? What is God telling you?

What’s On My Daily Checklist

“What’s your passion?” I remember asking someone. Her facial expression confirmed my thought. She had a blank look on her face. Blinked a few times. And responded with, “I don’t know. I never thought about it.”

That conversation happened a few years ago, and I will never forget it. I was shocked to know someone didn’t have a passion for something. Through the years, I have learned some people don’t have a passion –  excitement for doing something.

Many people just live life. They get up, go to work, come home and get ready to do it all again.

For me, that’s not how I want to live my life…again.

I’ve lived that life.

I lived with responsibilities, not passions. My responsibilities are what drove me to make decisions.

That life may be great for those who like to live by checking things off the list.

Got up. Check.

Went to work. Check.

Came home and fed my family. Check.

Did laundry and dishes. Check.

Set alarm and went to bed. Check

Happy checklist person lays in bed, smiling, knowing they got everything on the list done. Happy checklist person falls asleep.

You may love checklists, even more than me, but I doubt you lay in bed smiling because your list was completed and you get to do it all over again tomorrow.

I love my lists, I have even made a checklist for my kids to complete before they can play on electronics. I’m one of those strange people who will write something down just to check it off. But I will never be able to fully check off everything on my list, because my passion is something I work on every day.

Living a life by a checklist is not a life, it’s more like a robot. We can program robots to complete tasks, they are even replacing people in the working world. However, you can not program a robot to have passion and work towards that passion.

My passion is to share God with others. He changed my life from a life of responsibilities to a life of passions. Until Jesus comes back to earth and everyone will know God, my passion will not be complete.

My responsibilities no longer drive my passion, but my passion drives my responsibilities.



Do you live by responsibilities? Prayerfully ask God to show you an area you can be passionate about for Him

Do you have a passion? Have you made it a priority in your daily responsibilities? Do you set aside time to support your passion?


Lord, you have made us in your image. You are a compassionate God and have a passion for many. Help each one who reads this to find a passion and work towards that passion to be complete. Thank you for promising to be with us always. I love you, Amen.







Following God’s Will With Writing

I’m not the most sought after writer; actually, my whole family doesn’t even read my writings. However, I know God wants to use me, and writing is my outlet.

I’ve written for years; however, only recently have other eyes besides my own have read it. I’m a journal type of writer – for my eyes only.

But then I shared a bit of my testimony with my church and people wanted to share it with someone they felt could be helped by hearing or reading it.

Do I really have something different to say? No, but my view is different.

Will others be changed because of my testimony? Maybe.

Do I feel called to share how God has miraculously changed me? Yes.

So why do I feel the need to be sure the house is clean, laundry washed and dried (putting away is a completely different chore for another day), and a multitude of other chores I put off for a good movie or coffee with a friend get done before I make time to write?

I know: I have prayed for God to use me; feel called to write; and writing in my journal for nobody to read is not helping anyone.

So why do I not write?

I have multiple computers to choose from in my home. Quiet time almost every day (even if it’s a short time). Many ideas and scriptures that run through my head throughout the day.

So why don’t I write – even on my own website. Nobody will reject me. I will get published on my site.

I simply lack the motivation. I focus on the structure and not the words.

Then God reminds me, “People look at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart”. (1 Samuel 16:7)

People may look to see how the website is setup and choose not to read. They may look at my writing structure and critique it. My Lord looks at it and sees the heart behind the blog. He knows this is for me just as it is for someone else who may actually read it.

I am writing for God. He told me to write for others to read. I am following His instruction.

For I have been reminded, “It is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” James 4:17 NLT

So whether it’s short, long, boring, inspiring, challenging or plain stupid, I’m going to write for all to read. I will plan to write at least something every week so you all don’t get bored and I don’t get overwhelmed.

Blessings to you!

Abraham Taught Me a Lesson

I was reading in James, Chapter 2 about faith. James mentions about Abraham taking Isaac up to sacrifice. If you don’t remember or don’t know the story, you can find it in Genesis 22.

I reread the whole account and broke it down to apply it to my life. Maybe you can apply it to yours too.

1 – Abraham listened to God.
That means he had a close relationship with God. He knew God and was a friend to God.
We need to have a close relationship with God.

2 – Abraham took with him others.
No matter what path God leads you, having others with you to share the burden or support is welcomed.

3 – Abraham prepared for the 3 day journey.
We need to prepare and keep walking through the rough path with faith.

4 – Abraham knew it was going to sacrifice his only son, he worshiped God.
No matter the difficult task, you can always worship God.

5 – Abraham gave up his only son (who meant everything to him)
We need release everything to God to use it for His glory.

As I think of this in my life with writing, I know I’m on the path God has for me. It’s been a long road and will continue.

I need to keep stepping out in faith with him.

I need to have some close friends to support me and pray for me while I’m on my path.
I am worshiping God through it all.
I need to take actions with releasing everything. Allow God to use every part of my life as He deems necessary.

Love the a-ha quiet times.

Lessons Learned From a Childhood Game

I didn’t always have the luxury of going to the grocery store without kids. Having an in-home childcare and a husband who traveled, shopping alone was minimal.
My kids and those I cared for during the day weren’t bad kids, but they did have a mind of their own. They loved to explore and make every moment fun.
Stores made it easy for them to have fun and easy for me to lose my mind.

When the kids would get out of control at the store, I would begin playing ‘follow the leader’. If you’ve never played it before, the person who ‘leads’ determines the path for all. Sometimes the leader will add some physically challenging or silly actions. 

When I would announce we were playing, the kids would all line up and begin to follow. Some would fight over who was next in line behind me and some reluctantly went along with the game (knowing if they didn’t stay with me there would be consequences).
I would be silly sometimes – raise my hands, jump, or tiptoe. You have to keep it entertaining or the preschooler minds would get bored.
They followed my every step; mimicking my every action.
This sounds like I’m a fun mom/childcare provider, but I will tell you a secret, I had underlying motives to playing the game in the store.
I wanted to keep track of them and keep them safe.
Playing “Follow the Leader” will teach:
Faithful Steps
     We learn to follow the path of the leader. We have faith they won’t lead us down a path that is difficult or harmful because they are first taking the step.
Follow Actions
     We begin to do and act as they lead. No matter what the action is, if the leader is doing it who cares who isn’t doing it. We are following the leader.
Focus Changed
      We focus on the leader, not what we want. Our perspective changes from self to leader. We no longer desire to do what we want but desire to follow their example.

This is what Christ wants from us – to play ‘follow the leader’ with Him.

“To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example,
that you should follow in his steps.” 1 Peter 2:21 NIV
Jesus is the example to follow. He wants what is best for us and will lead us through difficult paths. He will never leave us.
We can have faith that He will direct us down a path that will grow us.
When we spend time learning who He is, through reading scripture, we will be able to follow His example of living.
When we focus on His will, our perspective of our life will change. We will no longer look at what we want here on earth but what we can take with us to Heaven.
We need to stay close to him so we will be able to follow His every step for us and mimic His actions.

No Fancy Words, Just Me Writing

School was challenging to me.  Academics didn’t get me into my choice of college. Creative Writing and Speech Classes were my favorite classes. They were the only classes I excelled.

Sharing my thoughts with others through writing and speaking gave me an outlet. Now as I’m older and technology has changed, that outlet seems to be blogs with a stiff competition for ‘followers’ and speaking engagements.

Through the years I have been developing my writing with hopes to help people through the challenges life brings. I’ve been through a lot, lived through a lot and would like to help others not just survive but to have peace through the storms of life.

I’m not a poet, but I have written poetry.

I’m not an artist, but I can see the beauty in the mess.

I’m not an speaker, but I have words to share.

I’m not an author, but I have a blog and facebook writer’s page.

I will start with what I know and maybe perhaps it will help someone somewhere outside my home.


Not Another Theology Lesson

As I scanned the dome shaped area full of women, I began wondering why they chose to come to this event. They chose to spend this Saturday away from family, sporting events, shopping, and busy schedules. Women filled the chairs with their Bibles, journals, doughnuts and coffee.
They came to be renewed, refreshed, and enjoy some good ol’ fashion girl time. The word was shared. Hearts were changed. Tears were shed. And Laughter consumed the place.
Not one Greek or Hebrew word was spoken.
No Bible theology taught.
Just God’s women sharing God’s love to women desiring more of Him.
God spoke to me, not through the speakers, but directly to me.
“My child, you are ready. You don’t need to teach theology, you just need to meet them where they are – hurting women needing refreshed.”
We were not called to teach Theology; we are called to share the Good News and Make Disciples.
I want to share God’s love and Grace through what I DO know – my testimony.
Surrendering my weaknesses for God’s greatness.